FOOD & DRINK at Thornhills Farm


With a range of flavours from the gelato supplier Joe Deluccis that have been expertly picked to tease your taste buds and tantalise your senses. If you don’t love our ice cream we’ll give you your money back, that’s a fact!

You can have it in a tub, a cone, one scoop, two scoops or for those that need a little more, the big one, yes a three scoop delight!… however you like it, we guarantee it’ll melt your heart and you’ll feel like you are in heaven.

The Pizza Project @ Thornhills

We’ve been on a crusade for decades. Travelled the world, literally travelled the world to find the best pizza. Is it Italian and thin? Chicago and deep? what type of sauce? What about cheese? and what’s the best way to serve it?

What about ovens? temperature? and how long to cook for? So many questions had to be answered.. and ladies and gentleman, we are very… very excited to present our take on pizza to you.

We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say, after nearly twenty years of discovery we believe in our pizza.

It’s a traditional think base, crispy, tasty, and sizzling hot. Hand dressed and it sure does impress!

Same as our ice cream – if you don’t love it, don’t pay for it, all we ask is you tell us why. If you follow our simple steps to happiness, then we believe you have a very long way to go to get a better pizza on your plate!


We love three things in life almost as much as our children. Very good ice cream, steaming hot pizza and last but by no means least on our list…. Coffee. Really great coffee.

We have two to choose from and one of those is a house special and limited in batch size, our resident coffee lover and coffee connoisseur (Phill) loves coffee that’s tasty, not too dark but one that lingers on your taste buds and delivers a smooth aroma that floods the palette with a deliciousness that leaves you wanting more.

Our coffee is always ground fresh, bean to cup and in front of you!

What is more, we love our beans, we only use small batch roasted beans from our friends at various roasting houses.

We look after our beans and our beans look after us. rewarding hard work and careful selection with great taste.

We won’t kill your coffee with poor craftmanship, we’ll make it with love and care.

We believe good coffee is the culmination of great beans, great equipment, and experienced hands.

Come and try it today. If you don’t love it….